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Keendex International Egypt

KIE was founded in 2006 . It’s a part of the renowned Keendex Egypt , a subsidiary of the internationally recognized Keendex International which is a privately owned trading conglomerate founded in Egypt.

Understanding the importance of electronic accessories and the vital role it plays in the business world, KIE has become a leading trader in the field of Electronic accessories. Through its wide distribution network, the Electronic accessories Distribution business has become a multi-brand/ multi-product distributor.

KIE now is distributing Belkin, Microsoft, acer,  … and a wide range of products that allow us to satisfy all our customer needs.

At KIE we believe in customer satisfaction and strive to succeed in this.

When you deal with one of our technicians, you’re dealing with a genuine computing enthusiast.

You will experience the advantage of working with someone who understands that every person or businesses needs are unique and we can work with you to fix an issue or create a new solution.

The truth is that we understand how important a reliable electronic accessories is in this modern world, and we have all the tools required to provide just that.

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