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  • Keendex Kx1741 Connector HDMI Female To HDMI Female Black 6220034561741

  • Keendex Kx1743 OTG Type-C Male To Usb3.0 Female White-Gold 15cm 6220034561743

  • Keendex Kx1773 3.5mm Male AUX Audio To USB Adapter Charge & Data Cable 10cm White 6220034561773

  • Keendex Kx1786 6.35mm Male To 3.5mm Female Stereo Audio Gold Plated Metal Cable 10cm 6220034561786

  • Keendex Kx1792 Aux 3.5mm Male To Aux 3.5mm Male Cable Metal Stereo 1M Silver 6220034561792

  • Keendex Kx1803 Cable 2xRca Male To 1Aux Stereo Male 1.5M Black 6220034561803

  • Keendex Kx1880 HDMI Flat VSO H-Speed Male To Male Cable Supports Ethernet 4K 1.5M Black 6220034561880

  • Keendex Kx1882 Lenovo HDMI Cable With Ethernet 4K Male To Male 1M Black 6220034561882

  • Keendex Kx1949 USB 2.0 Male to Male Cable 30cm Blue 6220034561949

  • Keendex Kx2025 Lenovo Cable Aux 3.5mm Male to Male Stereo Audio 2M Blue 6220034562025

  • Keendex Kx2046 USB 3.0 Male To Micro B For External Hard Drive 1.2M Black 6220034562046

  • Keendex Kx2047 Mini DisplayPort (Mini DP) Male To DisplayPort (DP) Female 4K 10cm Black 6220034562047