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Keendex 3X1 Magnetic High Speed Charging X Cable 1M – Black Kx1647


High magnetic force, blind magnetic suction automatic calibration docking for charging, greatly reducing the number of plugs on the phone charging interface damage, magnetic line once = traditional N times, plugs do not need to be pul out, can act as a dust plug to protect the mobile phone

Key Features

  • Magnetic USB cable for apple / Micro / Type C
  • Auto connect plug in and out freely
  • Compatible with most phone models
  • One second to charge once touching
  • Strong and Durable Nylon braid wire
  • Stronger Magnetism
  • 360 degree connector
  • 3 USB connectors so match with various phone models
  • Gentle blue led light
  • Single hand operator,follow users inclinations


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