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Keendex Kx1864 4 Digit Card Motherboard Tester Red 6220034561864


It is used to test motherboard problems
Fit for PCI desktop with which mail codes are output.
8 LED indicator, easy-to-read LED display on the screen, LED displays display the diagnostic result of the motherboard.
Diagnose motherboard signal showing problem with CPU, memory, display card and so on
The zip display consists of a dual, hexadimal point matrix reading out that the strength of the display on the self-test (post) status codes
Support power supply working indicator- + 5V, + 12V, + 3.3V and 12V (when the LED indicator is on to indicate its power is good, otherwise to indicate power outage for each).
Help you remove the most natural head error sometimes but wrong sometimes
Dual Zip Display – User can read post in PCB component and weld side. Easy to view
Zip when the user connects to the mail card in the computer system
Easy and fast to install, four-bit code is displayed
The computer analyzer value is specified for “initiative code” and is “0000” or “FFFF”. The initiative symbol “is clear at a glance. While the value of the traditional personal computer analyzer” initiative symbol “is uncertain and the man cannot distinguish precisely by eye without assistance.
LED auxiliary cable will be convenient for user to observe the code when the pc diagnostic card is inserted into the narrow computer case
Dimension: 80 x 58mm (LxW)


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