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Keendex Kx1628 USB 3LED Light for Notebook Silver 6220034561628


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100% Brand New!
USB Powered LED Light 3 LED
This USB LED light is for notebook or PC.
You can light up your notebook anywhere whether it is on a plane or at a meeting or even if you want to use in while in bed.
All you need to do is plug it into your USB port.
No external power is needed.
The flexible neck of stainless steel allows it to be adjusted to anyway you wish.
It works for an average of 8000 hours.
It has excellent spread of light without excessive glare.
It is durable and small enough to take with you anywhere.
Plug the USB lights into any available USB port to use.
Compatible with any notebook or PC with USB port.
Flexible neck allow you to hold any position you needed
Material: Stainless steel and plastic
3 bright Leds ensure clear view at night



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