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Keendex Usb Flexible Led Light 1.2 Watt Blue Kx1694

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Product description


Brand Color: Blue

Product Details:-

Bright LED Light

Aid your night academic sessions and professional assignments with the Generic USB LED Light. Encased in a flexible and soft silicone material, the USB LED Light can get attached to the USB port on your laptop and throw bright light on the keypad for an accurate typing. Similarly, you can bend the LED Light over the pages of your books/notes and study in the peaceful environment of night. You can use the LED light as a front camera light by syncing it via an OTG cable with your smartphone/tablet. For emergency situations, the LED Light can even function as your LED torch light through a connection with USB power banks.

Stick Design, Highly Portable

The ultra thin USB LED Light has been styled in a stick design to allow for its easy manageability and moveability anywhere you go around. You can have some extra light handy for your post-dusk studies and business tasks with this light and easy-to-use LED Light.


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