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Keendex W10 Mobile Gamepad – Black Kx1860

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W10 controller is recommended for all who is looking forward to be succesful in pubg and win games more easily

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Suitable for most mobile phones.
  • Ergonomic design gives you a good feeling when playing.
  • Import non-slip material gives you the perfect entertainment experience

    Key Features

    • Flexibility, precision, comfort, easy to control. Compact and portable.
    • Single point support on the top of the phone card slot can effectively prevent accidental touch of the phone volume button / shutdown button
    • The main body bracket can be stretched up and down
    • The EV foot pad is attached to the mobile phone contact position to reduce damage to the phone and prevent slippage.
    • Suitable for: 6.5 inches or below mobile phone
    • Color: Black


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